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This is an interesting viewpoint. I suggest you listen. I haven’t had anything worth posting in a while.

Sony’s New Android Device? A PSP?

If it’s true, I’m leaving HTC and Motorola for this. I am a Playstation nut, and I love android. It’s a match made in, well, nerdvana.—its-not-pretty?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed:+kotaku/full+(Kotaku)

Redbox is doing Games?

There is the link to the IGN article where I first read this. 2 bucks a day seem high to anybody else? Blockbuster used to be 5 bucks for 3-5 days depending on the year you go back to. Games, being a different media style than movies, take time to enjoy. If you are renting a game, then it’s generally to play it and not buy it (for most folks). Maybe you rent because you want to play it, but don’t think you will play it past 1 time or that you don’t think you can justify loving it enough to pay 60 bucks for it.

At this rate, unless you play the game nonstop most people won’t beat the game in a day. Some games are near impossible to do that in. So lets say you still play the game heavy and beat it in a week. That would cost you 14 dollars. In that amount that you’ve paid you could have gotten a Gamefly account for a month. Meaning you could rent more games or keep the one you have for the rest of the month. Seems like a big rip-off to me. However, if it’s successful maybe that will push Gamefly to be better. 

Interesting, what do you think? 

24 Day Challenge… Again!

Going back on the challenge. I lost 17 last time, gonna push for that or more again. 20 would be nice ;) 

Day 1-3

3 Catalyst 2x a day

1 Meal Replacement Shake

1 Fiber Drink

2 Fiber Tablets


Lean proteins and lots of greens!

Here we go!

Bring on the Rain!

Very integrated with Google? Want a complete google contacts list? Check out Rainmaker. It updates your Google contacts list using your social networks.

I found this on Lifehacker here.

Another shirt I want from woot!, and if anybody get’s me this I promise to write you a Haiku or something. 

Another shirt I want from woot!, and if anybody get’s me this I promise to write you a Haiku or something. 

Faith and Meditation

Lately I have been taking Tang Soo Do a traditional Korean Martial art that spawned more sport and competition oriented Tae Kwon Do. Tae Kwon Do, which is more popular worldwide (probably due to the competitive nature), always seemed pretty interesting to me. Tang Soo Do, however, interested me for its more traditional and philosophic nature. This is only a viewpoint that I observe from where I am, and I cannot speak for TSD or TKD studios across the country.

The other day I was talking with one of my TSD instructors about Martial Arts and he was telling me about some of his experiences. One of the experiences he discussed with me was a two hour class that he was involved in Moo Duk Kwan. In the class, which was a two hour class, they would spend 15 minutes in meditation at the beginning of class. They would be in a sitting position with their hands together at the fingertips and thumbs touching. During this time they would focus and the goal was to feel your heartbeat between your thumbs. For me, which I have tried that (and failed), that kind of focus is difficult and will take practice. 

I began to think of the connection between mediation and Christianity. It is something that I have studied before. I wrote a sermon about it once and I enjoyed the feeling it gave to discuss something that seemed so far removed from most of today’s Christian’s lives. Some of the more physical practices (i.e. meditation or fasting) which are supported by New Testament example are very far removed from many Christian’s lives.

I am not trying to complain nor am I saying that if Christians do not practice such things that they are less spiritual. Instead I am thinking out loud. Why do we not practice such things that we have command for and example of? Why do we not teach more on these topics in order to keep a proper biblical philosophy about them and not let them to become forgotten or twisted into something else? Shouldn’t we teach them to our children early so they understand what they are, how to do them properly and safely, and why to do them? 

Sony has some weird marketing people. But the music is awesome, and I’m feeling the Daft Punk’ishness of it all. The awkwardness during the part at the door is great; I felt it. 

XKCD does it again.

 I love today’s post.